Council to set rules for new Beach Ottumwa sign

Ottumwa City Hall. (KTVO-TV)

The Ottumwa City Council has released the agenda for Tuesday's regular meeting and it looks to be pretty light.

One of the more interesting items on that agenda is approving the rules for the new sign at the Beach Ottumwa.

The new animated sign went up a few weeks ago.

Now the council has to codify what can be displayed on the sign.

In other business, the Council will hear a report from Melissa Little the out-going director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as a report from Job Corps.

The Council is also expect to approve a settlement with the Stop and Go on Madison for selling cigarettes to a minor. The owners have already submitted the $300 fine.

And finally, the Council will set May 1 for the public hearing on Ottumwa's amended budget.

The Council meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.

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