Councilman Meyers weighs in on eliminating primary elections

Ottumwa City Council discussed the possibility of eliminating primary elections during Tuesday night's meeting./KTVO.

The Ottumwa City Council met Tuesday night and discussed a wide range of topics.

One of them dealt with the city possibly eliminating primary elections.

City Administrator Andy Morris brought the idea to the council, saying it’s a good way to save money.

Councilman Bob Meyers says this may be something the city should consider.

“We have such a small number of eligible voters that turn out and vote anyways, it’s just a shame. So, maybe then just having the general elections is enough,” said Meyers.

But, Meyers says if the people come out and say they still want to have primary elections, the city should keep them.

The council will have their first reading of the ordinance to eliminate the elections on Nov. 21.

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