Craft and vendor show helps promote small businesses

Debbie Sylvester sold Tupperware during the craft and vendor show Saturday at the Quincy Place Mall./KTVO.

The Festi-Fall Craft and Vendor Show took place at the Quincy Place Mall in Ottumwa on Saturday.

Heartland residents had the chance to shop for a variety of items such as jewelry, make up and wooden crafts.

But, the craft and vendor show isn’t just a place for residents to find hand made knick-knacks and other items.

For vendors like Debbie Sylvester, events like this help her Tupperware-selling business.

“It’s great, it’s a lot of traffic, and I make a lot of contacts which is good."

Sylvester says she’s been to several vendor fairs, and they’ve all helped her get her name out there.

The Quincy Place Mall will host another craft and vendor show on Dec. 16 and 17.

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