Craft show supports local businesses

Craft show supports local businesses (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO).

People were able to get a head start on Christmas shopping at a Farmers Craft and Gift Show.

Vendor Jere Nelson says she comes back ever year.

“I enjoy the people. I enjoy the atmosphere. It’s fun.”

“We’ve actually sold quite a bit today. We’ve got a little bit left, but [it went] really well," said vendor Katie Dodge.

The Farmers Craft and Gift Show was held in Paris, Missouri on Saturday.

While many shoppers headed to major retailers for Black Friday, Dodge says shoppers should not overlook small businesses.

“We have a lot of creative people in our community. Tons of creative locals and you can’t find this stuff in the big box stores. You know, the malls. This is unique items, one of kind that you can’t get anywhere else."

Nelson sells Amish jams and other food items.

She has been coming to the Farmers Craft and Gift Show for almost 10 years.

Nelson says it's a great opportunity for small business owners.

“A lot of them have flyers out. You can talk about your store. You can invite people to come to your store and we can’t let small America die, got to keep it going.”

“This is just my creative outlet. I like to stock the store with some unique items you can’t find anywhere else. The craft show was just another way to get our name out there," said Dodge.

For other vendors like Sara Bright, she says the best part is being able to help customers on a personal level.

“Just getting to know them, being able to help them find something that fits into their life and what they’re doing.”
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