Criteria for cancelling school

Criteria for cancelling school (Photo: MGN Online)

Every year during the winter, school administrators face the hard decision on whether to cancel school because of severe weather.

Superintendent of Kirksville R-III Damon Kizzire says deciding to close school comes down to three factors, wind chill, amount of precipitation, and ability to transport kids to and from school.

All of these factors determine how fast or how slow the school officially announces a snow day.

However, Kizzire says he doesn't want the weather to interrupt students educational process.

“We want to have school as much as we possibly can and provide those opportunities for our kids. Knowing that we’ve got them in a warm safe environment where there’s also supervision and we have that ability to feed them lunch, to feed them breakfast.”

If a school in the Heartland ever announces a snow day, you can find the information on our website.

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