Cyber security a threat to smaller counties

Adair County Treasurer Lori Smith discusses cyber security with Adair County officials. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Adair County Treasurer Lori Smith is warning of possible security attacks in the future for government organizations. This comes after upwards of 143 million consumers's personal information was compromised during the Equifax server breach.

Smith became informed on the issue after attending a Missouri-wide county treasurer's conference.

"The speaker said, 'There are two kinds of computers; those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked," Smith said.

The Heartland has not been immune to hacking and ransomware, a type of malware in which the hacker asks for money in exchange for access back into a computer.

Smith said hackers target smaller counties.

This past March, Davis County Schools were infected by ransomware and Adair County Sheriff's Department has previously dealt with this issue as well.

"We were hit once. On the same token my phone has been hacked, but now we have things in place where we have a secure network that's so much better than the previous system," said Sheriff Bob Hardwick.

According to Accenture Consulting, successful cyber attacks cost financial firms $20 million annually.

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