Davis County Sheriff encourages town to grow big pumpkins

Nearly 30 people competed in Bloomfield's Giant Pumpkin Bash./KTVO

For the second year in a row, Bloomfield, Iowa hosted its Giant Pumpkin Bash at the Davis County Fairgrounds. This year, participants could enter not only their largest pumpkins, but also watermelons to be weighed.

Davis County Sheriff Dave Davis is the site manager for the event. Last year, Davis’ pumpkin won the competition at 1,070 pounds. He says it’s all about having good genetics and seeds as well as plenty of fertilizer and water. However, this year, with the drought, growing pumpkins was a bit tricky.

“What that does is make my wife upset because of the water bill we’ve had. You know, we weren’t getting any rain, so it was pretty tough growing them this year in Southern Iowa,” said Davis.

These pumpkins are so big they need a forklift to be able to put them on the scale.

Bruce Piper and his wife, Marilyn, are the owners of a pumpkin weighing over 576 pounds. She says they got involved in pumpkin growing because of Dave Davis.

“He’s been a great help, it’s where we learned everything. He shares all his knowledge, which is really nice, he doesn’t keep it just to himself. He wants a lot of people to take part,” said Piper.

Piper and her husband have entered two pumpkins this year, one is competing for the largest pumpkin and the other for the prettiest.

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