Davis County students reflect on Veterans Day weekend

After Friday's assembly, KTVO asked three students to talk to me about what Veterans Day means to them/Beth Waldon

Davis County students honored Heartland veterans at school Friday.

KTVO attended that assembly in the high school gym Friday morning. After the assembly, KTVO asked three students what Veterans Day means to them.

Two of them said they have veterans in the family, including Davis County Junior Hailey Swan, whose uncle served in Iraq.

Here's what she, and two more students said:

"This is just very near and dear to our hearts, because he fought for our country, he fought for freedom, which is a price that, as I grow older, and as I come to more of these assemblies, I learn that this is something we can't take for granted," Swan said.
"I think it's just a really important day to acknowledge our veterans and how important they are to our community, and how we should be recognizing what they did for us and our country,” said Davis County junior, Joshua Langgin. “I think it's an awesome way for our students to show that to them."
"We don't know the things that have happened, but we know that we can honor them in whatever way possible,” said Davis County junior, Rylie Johnson. “Just having this day, where we get to stand up, and we get to tell them that we appreciate you and we love you for everything that you've done, it's truly amazing."

KTVO also asked them if they have an interest in joining the military.

One out of three said "maybe someday”.

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