Departing CEO confident in future of Davis County Hospital

Kirby Johnson's last day as CEO at Davis County Hospital is April 1/KTVO

Davis County Hospital is saying goodbye to its CEO.

Kirby Johnson is stepping down in the middle of a major transition in Iowa’s health care system.

In 2016, the state switched over to a privatized system, and since then, one of the three managed care organizations has dropped out. That means thousands of Iowa’s patients are still scrambling to find alternative coverage.

As he departs, Kirby Johnson told KTVO he's confident in the future of Davis County Hospital, and hopeful lawmakers will move Iowa’s Medicaid system in the right direction.

"The Iowa Hospital Association has developed a great position in terms of how to reform and use some models that other states have used, like Connecticut and Colorado, to create a provider-driven system from the ground up, rather than contracting out to out-of-state Medicaid managed care organizations."

Johnson's last day at the Davis County Hospital is April 1. He has accepted a job with the Mayo Clinic Health System in southern Minnesota.

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