Details surrounding Ottumwa shooting very hazy

Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened on early Tuesday morning in downtown Ottumwa./KTVO

The Ottumwa Police Department is investigating a shooting in downtown Ottumwa.

Just after 4 a.m. Tuesday, the department received a call from Ottumwa Regional Health Center about a patient with a gunshot wound to his ankle and foot.

Marcos Antonio Curiel Navarro, 32, told authorities he was walking around the 400 block of West Fourth Street, near the South 149 ramp, when he was shot at.

But, Police Chief Tom McAndrew said the victim’s story slightly changed after the officer on scene on told him there were cameras in the area.

“It just so happened that that area probably would’ve been on our downtown camera system, recording. Once that was determined, the victim advised officers that that was not where the shooting occurred, it occurred in another location where we did not have cameras,” McAndrew said.

McAndrew said they have not found any evidence of blood in the area, and they’re not sure exactly what happened.

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