Deteriorating Heartland historic building poses danger

The old "Stagecoach Pizza" building in Edina, Mo. (Photo: Edina Sentinel)

Edina city officials have warned that a historic building could come crashing down at any moment.

According to the Edina Sentinel's Echo Menges, city officials have cordoned off the brick building known as the old Stagecoach Pizza at 100 S. Main St. in Edina as it continues to rapidly deteriorate.

On Monday, city and county officials agreed to close the sidewalks around the structurally unsound building.

"It's my understanding the owners are wanting to give it to the city, and we don't want it," Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes told the Sentinel. "We are not calling in an inspector at this time. We've already told them it's not structurally sound. The city is assuming no responsibility for that building."

Hayes notified business owners near the building about the potential danger it poses.

Brent Karhoff, president of the Knox County Historical Society, told the Sentinel that the building is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

"It was built initially as a saloon," Karhoff said. "It was built in the early twentieth century. It was used as a Klondike restaurant, and then it was used by the Citizens Bank in 1916."

Hayes said that city and county officials are continuing to work to find a way to get the building torn down.

"I love our buildings and I hate to see this happen," Hayes said. "It's sad. We want to preserve as much as possible, but we've got to protect the existing businesses on that block. I don't know what to do, but anything we can do to help save our town. Anything we can do, we'll do."

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