Don't fall victim to phone scams

Don't fall victim to phone scams (Photo: MGN Online)

Don't fall for it, we're talking about phone scams.

Even though they've been around for some time, people are still falling victim.

Phone scammers, they're only after two things, your personal information and your money.

Police are warning Heartland residents to not ignore the red flags.

In Moberly, Mo., residents reported receiving phone calls from people claiming to be with the IRS and demanding money.

Police want everyone to know that these are scams and to not fall for fake IRS Phone calls.

Police say the IRS will never demand immediate payment nor ask or credit or debit card numbers over the phone.

Phone scammers have many faces.

Some claim to be utility workers threatening to turn off your utilities without payment.

Others might claim your loved one is in jail and you need to wire money to set them free.

Police say if someone is calling asking for money, that is the first warning sign that the person on the other line is a scammer.

" We can try to trace the numbers, but a lot of times these guys are getting good enough to where they're actually spoofing numbers. We've had people call us who say they received scam type calls from the police department because that's the number they've been using," said Kirksville Police Detective Steve Feeney.

Authorities say if you are under the suspicion that you are talking to a scammer, hang up the phone and report it to the police.

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