Drastic increase in mental health issues, waiting list over 100

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Licensed Psychologist Jennifer Blacksmith says many mental health professionals are seeing the same thing, a drastic increase in mental health issues.

So much so, that Northeast Behavioral Health in Kirksville has an extensive waiting list.

Around 100 people are on the list, waiting to be seen by a counselor.

Blacksmith says this is not only true in the Heartland, but across the board.

She attributes the rise in mental health issues to the world we live in.

Adults are constantly on the move, and people face more distractions because of social media and electronics.

If you think you may be dealing with mental health issues, Blacksmith says to look out for negative self talk, lack of emotion, and overall withdrawal from your daily lifestyle.

Blacksmith says for children and teenagers, one of the most common mental health issues is social anxiety.

“And that’s increased a lot. And a lot of times social anxiety gets overlooked. Parents will be, will say, no, my children has friends. They are outgoing. And that’s not what social anxiety is. Social anxiety is the fear of, somebody, all of the attention on me. People looking at me doing things. And I attribute that partly to electronics."

To help combat any mental health issues, Blacksmith suggest seeking help like speaking with a counselor.

Northeast Behavioral Health is located at 1410 Crown Dr. in Kirksville.

Blacksmith will also be giving a mental health presentation in May.

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