Drug case against former prosecutor dismissed, for now

Special prosecutor Matt Wilson of Kirksville told KTVO he dismissed the charges in such a way that they can be refiled in the future, which he plans to do. (John Garlock/KTVO)

Felony drug charges against a former northeast Missouri prosecuting attorney and his girlfriend have been dismissed, for now.

Special Prosecutor Matt Wilson of Kirksville told KTVO Thursday that he recently dismissed the case against Jerry Hollon, 47, and Susan Foster, 52, both of Milan, Missouri.

Hollon is the former Sullivan County prosecuting attorney.

Wilson said he made the decision for a couple of reasons: one, because of the complexity and amount of evidence.

Secondly, due to issues beyond law enforcement's control, he told KTVO investigators were not able to provide him with all of the necessary evidence in time to prepare for scheduled court hearings.

Wilson said he now has the completed investigation report and all of the evidence.

He will be reviewing it, then determine which charges will be refiled and when.

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