E-911 Center evacuation plan set in stone

E-911 Joint Services board approves new evacuation plan and procedure for E-911 communications center. (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Here in the Heartland, on Wednesday evening the 9-11 Joint Services Board discussed an evacuation plan procedure for the 911 center.

The E-911 Joint Communications Center is located in the basement of Kirksville City Hall.

During the fire at the Art Center in December of last year, the 9-11 center was in jeopardy of being evacuated because of the amount of smoke that was being let into the building.

In case of an emergency evacuation, standard procedures are now set in place.

Dispatch and call taking functions will be transferred to the Kirksville Police Department.

And the parking lot directly west of city hall will be the designated area where E-911 center personnel and employees meet following an emergency.

While the board says having an evacuation plan is crucial, E-911 Director, Chris A. Killday says evacuating the 9-11 center is not common.

“In 31 years, I’ve only known two times, I mean only one time we’ve ever actually evacuated and the second time we thought about evacuating and that’s it.”

The only time the E-911 center was evacuated was nearly 30 years ago around 1987.

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