Eldon murderer still has hope for his appeal

Ricky Keasling in court during his May 2016 murder trial. /KTVO

An Eldon, Iowa, man convicted of murder still has a shot at winning his appeal.

The Iowa Supreme Court announced to that it is still reviewing the case of Ricky Keasling.

Keasling was convicted in May 2016 of First-Degree Murder in the death of Darrell Teeter.

A Wapello County jury believed that Keasling had murdered Teeter in his Eldon bait shop in an attempt to obtain hydrocodone.

Keasling appealed that conviction arguing that his alibi witness had not been permitted to testify.

The Iowa Court of Appeals rejected that argument.

Keasling then asked the Iowa Supreme Court to look at the case.

Friday's announcement doesn't mean that Keasling will have his case heard by the court.

It simply means the court is still considering whether to do so.

Keasling continues to serve out his live sentence in Ft. Madison.

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