Employee honored in big way after 40 years of service to company

A lot has changed in the past four decades for Robinson, besides the title on his name tag.

After 40 years at the same company, a worker at the Unionville Hy-Vee store is being recognized.

Robert Robinson was just 16 when he had his first day of work.

“My dad told me I needed to go get a job, so I walked in to put in an application,” Robinson recalled. “The store director at the time asked me when I could start work and I’ve been working here ever since

He was hired by Hy-Vee on the spot, and would be returning to work there for the next 40 years. It became the first and only job he’s had.

Robinson told KTVO his first role was to bag and carry out groceries. Now, he’s the manager of store operations.

“It’s perfect,” Robinson said. “I just enjoy being with people.”

His years of service to the store were recognized by having his picture taken and posted on a Hy-Vee semi.

Robert was able to see his larger than life picture on the semi when it was at the Unionville, Hy-Vee for a stop. He says he hasn’t seen it driving around on the road yet, but he’ll keep looking for it.

“It was pretty exciting, they told me it was going to be there but it was kind of humbling,” Robinson said.

A lot has changed in the past four decades for Robinson, besides the title on his name tag. He says today – shoppers are looking for convenience.

“Life has gotten a lot more complicated for people, and a lot more fast paced,” Robinson said he’s noticed. “We’ve had to keep up with that, people want meals already made and things like that, less time to cook.”

But some things still stay the same – like customers who can still count of Robinson to be there with a smiling face, both in the store, and, on a semi.

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