Fairfield resident questions proposed bill that raises solar panel fees

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce hosted a legislative forum Saturday Morning at the Best Western Inn./KTVO

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce hosted another legislative forum Saturday morning.

Representatives Dave Heaton and Phil Miller as well as Senators Mark Chelgren and Rich Taylor answered questions from residents.

One dealt with a bill that proposes that customers under co-operative electrical companies should be charged more for their solar panels.

Tom O’Donnel owns property in Van Buren County, and is looking to install solar panels on his garage. He says he doesn’t understand why this should be allowed.

“It’s going to perhaps suppress and depress the solar panel industry and also the wind energy industry in Iowa and I think that’s not a good thing. We need to have more of this, not less."

The panel of legislators agreed. O’Donnel says he was happy to hear that they understand the impact the bill would have on this growing industry.

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