Fairfield woman looks to create new crisis shelter

The Fairfield Hope Net held a meeting Wednesday night at the SEED Center in Fairfield./KTVO

Fairfield resident Dawn Poling has been through a shelter before, after dealing with domestic abuse.

“Coming out of that shelter, I didn’t feel like I had a lot of hope,” said Poling. “It took me away from where my children were in school at that time. It took me away from my family, there was nothing local here, I wasn’t offered any options, so my answer was there need to be something here.”

Now, Poling, who’s taken her case to court, is hoping to create a new outlet for those in crisis.

“The hope is to have something that’s different. A different kind of healing, a holistic attitude that’s a better outcome for people that are in a shelter because some people say that some shelters feel like a prison and that’s not the way it should be,” said Poling.

Poling, along with a group of other men and women, have created the Fairfield Hope Net, an organization that will soon become a non-profit. Part of their goal is to change the stigma surrounding domestic violence.

“It’s a taboo. It’s shameful thing. People don’t like to hear the subject, so a lot of the time when you go somewhere and try to talk to somebody about what you’re going through, a lot of people don’t want to hear it, they’ll turn the other way. So, I want to think that it should be looked at differently,” said Poling.

Currently, the group is working out plans to build their shelter. But, in the meantime, they’re offering help to those in need by providing them with information on services.

One of those services is the Sustainable Roots Therapeutic Ranch, founded by Corine Brooks.

The ranch provides long-term stay with therapy and activities for children and adults in crisis.

“They can come and health through alternative therapies, hands on experiences, one-on-one individualized education and training,” said Brooks.

Brooks says she has first-hand experience and knows what it’s like for many of these people.

“I’ve been through several situations. I have three children of my own and growing up in certain situations and then as an adult having other situations, it’s a need to have a base to sustain your roots and we don’t have that home base here,” said Brooks.

Brooks is now partnering with Poling and the Fairfield Hope Net to help bolster that need for a safe environment for both adults and children in crisis.

The Fairfield Hope Net meets every Wednesday night.

CLICK HERE for the Fairfield Hope Net Facebook page.

CLICK HERE for the Fairfield Hope Net website.

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