Family Crisis Center says they're against Marsy's Law

The Family Crisis Center is located on 1014 N. Elm St. in Ottumwa./KTVO

Iowa legislators are considering a constitutional amendment that would protect the rights of victims of crime.

Marsy’s Law would create a bill of rights for victims and currently has bipartisan support on the hill. Earlier this week, Governor Kim Reynolds announced her support for it.

But, some local organizations that deal with these victims don’t want it.

Lorraine Uehling-Techel is the executive Director of the Family Crisis Center, an organization that serves victims in 12 counties in south-central Iowa.

She says this amendment only looks good on the surface.

“It’s saying that Iowa is supportive of victims, but without having funding to do anything different, you know, about that. It’s pretty hollow I guess,” Uehling-Techel said.

Uehling-Techel says victim advocacy organizations already have a lack of funding and this amendment would just make it harder for them.

Marsy’s Law is also opposed by the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Iowa Coalition of Against Domestic Violence.

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