Farmington museum takes visitors two centuries back

The museum also has several flags with less than 50 stars. This means the flag was made before all the states incorporated to the United States. (KTVO)

Iowa is filled with small towns rich in history, and Farmington is not the exception.

The town is home to the Pioneer Historical Museum which houses hundreds of objects that are hundreds of years old.

The museum is located at an old church built in 1848.

"It operated as church Sunday school until the 1960s and then the congregational was given to our business men in Farmington to maintain as a historical museum," said museum volunteer Shirley.

The building is scarred with the unforgivable enemy we call time. But visitors will still find plenty of unique objects that have almost been forgotten.

Such items include a late 1800’s organ, prescription bottles from the late 1800’s, some still contain medication in them and historical documents and photos.

The museum is still receiving historical items.

"We have a uniform, The Red Man, the informed order of the Red Man which was from the late 1800’s into the 1900’s. And the uniform that came in belonged to the Ware family and it was the great-grandfather of Jeff Ware and he donated it to the museum and so it was his great grandfathers in the early 1900’s and it’s in excellent condition," explained museum volunteer Heidi.

Entrance to the Pioneer Historical Museum is free. The museum is funded by donations.

Volunteers have organized fundraisers, yard sales and other events to help with the expenses.

Anyone is welcome to visit the museum, learn about the rich history it offers and help preserve a nearly forgotten history.

The museum is located on 205 South 4th Street in Farmington, Iowa.

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