FEDA: $110k loan helps expand local fabrication plant, add jobs

Creative Edge Master Shop in Fairfield was awarded a $110,000 loan for the purchase of more equipment/KTVO

A Fairfield fabrication plant is expanding its operations and the number of jobs.

The Fairfield Economic Development Association announced this week that Creative Edge Master Shop has been awarded a $110,000 loan for the purchase of new equipment.

The plant, on South 23rd Street, uses water pressure to cut through materials, like stone for floor tiles, or Styrofoam for tool kits.

Creative Edge Principal and CEO Jim Belilove says the water jet technology has the power to cut through five inches of granite.

"The pressure is extreme,” Belilove said. β€œIt's somewhere around 60 thousand pounds per square inch."

Creative Edge will soon have a total of 14 water jet machines.

The expansion will bring about 10 more jobs to Fairfield. That's compared to only two jobs when the Fairfield plant first opened in 1988.

Belilove told KTVO he hopes to continue to expand his market inside and outside of the United States.

**Jefferson County businesses interested in applying for a similar loan and other opportunities to finance projects should contact Joshua Laraby, Executive Director for Fairfield Economic Development Association:

101 North Court St.

P.O. Box 1388

Fairfield, IA 52556

Office: 641.472.3436

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