Firefighters stress the need for smoke alarms

Ottumwa Fire Department will install a smoke alarm in your house at no cost to you.

The Ottumwa Fire Department urges the importance of smoke detectors after the fifth fire in four days.

The most recent fire happened on the 500 block of South Webster Street just after midnight Thursday. One of the family members went to Ottumwa Regional Health Center after sustaining minor injuries from jumping out the window of the one-story home. But they were lucky, not having a working fire alarm could result in much worse.

"We have a situation with the Ottumwa Fire Department," Chief Tony Miller said. "If you don't have a working smoke detector, give us a call. We come out and install a working smoke detector at our cost. It's no cost to you. We like to out and install them ourselves and make sure they're put in a proper location and after we install them, they're up and running."

The Red Cross is assisting the fire victims, who will be able to move back into their home after city officials say it is safe to do so.

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