First ever color run held in the Heartland

First ever color run held in the Heartland (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

“Color runs are always fun so I figured well, let’s put some fun into it and not have everybody just run.”

Jillian Huddleston is a sophomore at Higbee R8 High School.

Because of her love of running, she decided to organize a Higbee FFA Color Run and Walk event.

This is the first year the event took place in the Higbee area.

Huddleston says even for those who do not like running, participants are allowed to walk.

She says the event is open to anyone in the community.

“It’s open to any age group. You can have little kids, even in strollers or old people, if they wanted to, anybody.”

Participants were also given t-shirts.

Huddleston says the shirts are a way for participants to remember their involvement in this years color run.

“You’ll also get a t-shirt and their white and it’ll keep all the color and you’ll have the memory of it.”

Huddleston says despite the weather being a factor in why less people participated than expected, she says the color run might turn into an annual event.

Overall, Huddleston says the color makes the event even more enjoyable.

“It’s fun to get color thrown on you, to see everybody with the color thrown on them so I figured it would be more fun for the community.”

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