First responders give recommendations if someone falls into frozen water

    Residents should avoid venturing out into frozen waters. (KTVO) <br><br><br><p>{/p}<br><br><p>{/p}

    As the temperatures fall, ponds, lakes and rivers will freeze.

    Many residents see this as an opportunity to venture out and walk on the frozen water.

    But, this could be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

    First responders told KTVO that the ice must be at least four inches or thicker to hold a person.

    Also, people who venture out should always have a cellphone with them and notify someone where they will be.

    First responders recommend reaching out to the nearby ice in case an accident occurs.

    “If you would fall through is to get flat. Hang on to the ice—it’s really hard to get out of the ice cause your arms are usually wet, so you want to try and get your arms out,” said Ottumwa’s Assistant Fire Chief Mike Craff.

    The Assistant Fire Chief also recommends using common sense when walking on frozen water and to be extra careful because the ice thickness could vary greatly even if its close by.

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