Five Kirksville teens achieve Eagle Scout status

Starting in first grade as Tiger Cubs, the young men moved up through the ranks together. (Photo Courtesy: Michael Elmore)

It was a special day for five young men in Kirksville. They accomplished something only 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do.

Jacob Capps, Andrew Carriker, Mason Elmore, John Vincent and Ian Polovich are all now Eagle Scouts.

Starting in first grade as Tiger Cubs, the young men moved up through the ranks together.

Saturday afternoon, at the Reiger Armory in Kirksville, they were formally inducted as Eagle Scouts - the highest rank achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting Program of the Boy Scouts of America.

Since 1910, the program has been teaching boys how to become men through a number of skill sets and tasks.

The road to becoming an Eagle Scout is not an easy one.

"Being an Eagle Scout, it requires a lot of work," said Elmore. "First off, you have to go through all of the ranks. It also requires a total of 21 merit badges, 13 of which have to be Eagle. Besides that, you have to hold leadership in your troop."

The scouts also helped better the community by volunteering at animal shelters and working to repair local churches.

The five young men agreed that earning the title of Eagle Scout is a great achievement.

"It opens up a whole bunch of pathways to extend my career in whatever I want to do in life," said Vincent. "Job applications, it can be the factor of whether you get hired or not."

"To finally be here all together, to finally get the ceremony to where we are Eagle Scouts officially, it feels really rewarding after years of hard work," Polovich added.

"This is just such a rewarding experience," said Elmore. "I mean, this has been 10 years of our life."

"It's provided a lot of great memories over the years and it's given us a lot of skills that a lot of people don't have," added Capps.

"We've been through the ranks, all of the ranks, together," Carriker said. "It's pretty cool to become Eagle Scouts at the same time."

At the ceremony, the scouts received the Eagle pin from their mother and the neckerchief was presented by their father - which allowed for a moment the young men say they will cherish forever.

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