Five-year-old boy helping community become a sweeter place

JD takes a break from sales to take a picture with members of the Bloomfield Police Department

On a hot August afternoon, five-year-old JD Cronin is helping his neighbors cool off with a lemonade stand, and is using the refreshing treat to make his community a bit of a sweeter place to live.

“JD had the idea to do a lemonade stand and I thought, 'Hey we could do some cool stuff with this,' so I turned it into an opportunity, I decided we could go to the grocery store and figure out how much everything costs, things like that,” said Kenny, JD’s older brother. While Kenny said he did help his little brother with some of it, JD was the boss of the operation, “He’s the mastermind, he’s the salesman, he’s doing all the work.”

Classmates, neighbors, even a UPS delivery driver took a break on Thursday to spend a dollar for a cup of lemonade and a cookie.

But instead of the money going to JD’s piggy bank, he’s using it to make a change in his community.

“I’m donating it to Shop with a Cop,” JD said with a big smile.

“JD decided to do a lemonade stand and he was good enough that he wanted to donate with Shop with a Cop and help other kids out for Christmas,” said Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong. “We appreciate it and appreciate his kind thoughts.”

“Him having the opportunity to work and make all this money and then to give it all to charity it’s a great lesson to him,” Kenny told KTVO.

As JD’s special lemonade stand shirt says, he’s ‘Paying it forward, one cookie at a time.’

JD did two lemonade stands this summer – for a grand total of $220.50 that was all donated to the Shop with a Cop program.

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