Flag disposal event returns to Ottumwa

An American Flag flies in Greater Ottumwa Park./Louis Finley

Do you have an U. S. or state flag that needs to be disposed of properly?

On Saturday, the Wapello County Republican Party will help you do it.

For the 16th year, the party is providing this service to the community.

Wapello County Republican Chair Trudy Caviness says there is a simple reason her party hosts this annual event.

It allows citizens to respectfully dispose of an old flag and get a new one ready for the Memorial Day weekend.

"Since many of us are flying our flags daily, we need be sure that they are in good shape," Caviness said.

The event also includes a History of the Flag presentation, a discount on the purchase of a new flag, and a chance to win a flag flown over Iowa's Capitol.

The event kicks off on Saturday May, 19 at 8 a.m. in Greater Ottumwa Park

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