Float Therapy: Float Pod makes its way to the Heartland

(Courtesy: Rejuvenate Massage Therapy)

They've been popping up all around nationwide, and now one is in the Heartland.

We're talking about Float Pods.

It's a salt water sensory deprivation tank.

Rejuvenate Massage Therapy in Kirksville debuted the tank earlier this year.

It's filled with about ten inches of water and more than 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt.

When you get in it, the water holds you up and you can lay on top of the water.

This helps decompress the spine while your body soaks up some magnesium from the salt so it feels good to your muscles and joints.

"I'm just really excited that I got the opportunity to bring it because it's something that people around here wouldn't otherwise have access to without driving at least 90 miles away," said Ashley Sparks, massage therapist, . "I think it would really benefit a lot of people and that's what made me want to get it. I think that a lot of people will benefit both by being more relaxed and also pain relief."

Sparks will be talking more in depth about the benefits of salt flotation therapy at Take Root Cafe on Saturday, December 9.

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