Flywheel Reunion preserves Heartland's industrial past

People tour the 37th Annual Old Time Flywheel Reunion, viewing relics from the past/KTVO-Louis Finley

The Macon County Flywheel and Collectible Club is holding its 37th Annual Old Time Flywheel Reunion July 27 - 30th at the Macon County Fairgrounds.

There are plenty of sites and sounds which come from the many engines that have been preserved by enthusiast and collectors.

Some engines date all the way back to the early 1900's.

"The Flywheel Club is a group of people that got together in around 1980 that loved antiques. Anything to do with farming, antiques, motors, tractors," said Vice President of the Flywheel Club Dale Maloney.

The engines come small and large, like a steam engine brought to its permanent home by members of the Flywheel Club on the fairgrounds from Kirksville.

"Our members went down and took [it] down ... brought it down here piece by piece," said Board Member Doris Main.

Outside of preserved engines, the event has built a museum which includes other relics from the past.

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