Over correction leads to rise in Heartland crashes

Crews assess the damage to a car that over corrected , flipping in the direction of oncoming traffic/KTVO-Louis Finley

Over correction is a common driving mistake that is putting an increasing amount of Heartland motorists in danger.

"It's something that happens frequently in all styles of crashes," Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Eric Brown said.

Over correcting is when a driver runs of the road, and jerks their vehicle in the opposite direction.

"You either pass the lane or end up in the lane with oncoming traffic or off the other side of the roadway," Area Engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation Amy Crawford said.

Both Brown and Crawford agree that in most cases, this is caused by distracted driving.

"If you can do one thing that could save your life, regardless of where you're going, what trip you are on or how far you are driving: it's put on your seat belt," Crawford said.

Motorists are reminded to 'just drive.'

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