Frigid temps affect items left in cars

    When temperatures drop far below freezing some household items you leave in your car could be damaged by the extended stay in frigid temperatures. (KTVO:MGN_Online)<p>{/p}

    When the temperatures drop way below freezing, those frigid temps can have impacts on some items you may leave in your car.

    Electronics, containers and other items can all be affected when left in a vehicle parked outside in the frigid cold.

    Typically electronics like cellphones, tablets and laptops can have their battery life, circuit boards and screens affected by below freezing temperatures.

    Bottled or canned soda can become messy if left in the cold. They will start to freeze and expand and potentially explode.

    Eggs will react the same way as soda cans, but will typically just crack and spill rather than explode.

    Despite having a lower freezing temperature, alcoholic beverages in bottles and cans can freeze and crack or explode if left in the cold.

    Medicine left in your car can be compromised as well. Liquid medicine will freeze decreasing their effectiveness.

    And while many folks like to let their cars idle in the cold to warm them up, mechanics warn against doing this because it puts more wear and tear on your vehicle.

    Law enforcement also recommends not letting your car idle while you are away because it’s a recipe for car theft.

    With the temperatures looking to stay frigid for the next several weeks, you’ll want to make sure anything susceptible to the extreme cold is not left in your car.

    For more on items that shouldn’t be left in the cold, click here.

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