Giant cabbage turning into cash in the bank for local student

Lathe West - submitted image

For more than 20 years, a vegetable company has been helping kids grow their minds, and cash in with cabbage.

“You can learn a lot from plants,” said Faith Lutheran School fourth-grade student Lathe West. “You might think oh it's easy, water and feed them and stuff and wait, but it’s not that easy, you’ve got to work for what you do.”

West is turning his green thumb into green in the bank. He is the proud winner of a $1,000 scholarship for a Bonnie Plants cabbage growing competition.

“It was kind of the first year I tried gardening, I help my grandmother grow a lot of stuff like tomatoes, peppers,” West said.

Only one winner per state was chosen. According to a press release from Bonnie Plants, over a million third graders all across the country compete to be “best in state,” and win the scholarship.

“It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of responsibility, and you have to look after it all day,” West said about tending to the giant cabbage. “It’s just really fun.”

West said the most amusing aspect was seeing it grow and reach its peak, giant, size.

“It was 17 pounds; it was about as big as my sister. She’s three,” West said with a big smile.

West told KTVO while he likes cabbage, his favorite vegetable is broccoli.

The cabbage growing scholarship competition is open to third grade teachers to sign up students.

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