Girl Scout Cookie Weekend kicks off

Troop 9172 hard at work selling cookies (KTVO)

Troops are stationed all around for Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

Whether they were dressed in the traditional green vests, or in cookie costumes, the Girl Scouts all said the experience is about much more than cookies.

“It means a lot of fun, and a lot of craziness at times, but it’s a great opportunity for the girls to hone their business skills, to work on their math skills to count out change, and to meet people from all over the community,” said Nicole Marshall, who leads three different Girl Scout Troops and was a Girl Scout herself.

“My daughter is actually in our troop, and she has gained so much from being in Girl Scouts,” she said.

“I’ve gotten a lot better at math, because I have to count money,” said Nicole’s daughter Kate.

The sisterhood teaches the girls a lot.

“To treat others how you want to be treated,” said Girl Scout Jensen Deleeuw.

“How to use first aid kits,” said Lela Neeley.

The girls also have fun. Friday afternoon, they could be seen singing and dancing the Hokey Pokey, replacing the word ‘pokey’ with ‘cookie,’ to try to bring in cookie buyers.

“The adventures we go on, we go on hikes, and stuff like that, and being with my friends,” said Deleeuw, on some of her favorite Girl Scout experiences.

“We get to meet new people,” said Tessa Davis.

“I like being in Girl Scouts so I can meet lots of new friends,” Kenlee Wallace said.

Local Girl Scout Troops also participate in the “Troop to Troop” program, in partnership with the USO of Missouri. Customers can purchase Girl Scout cookies for members of the US military.

Troop 9172 is using their cookie earnings to send them to the 2020 Girl Scout National Council Session in Florida.

For places and times to pick up your stash of cookies, use the cookie locator.

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