Global health success presentation kicks off International Education Week

Truman State University's "International Education Week" has several activities planned including an international flag dedication. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Truman State University is celebrating "International Education Week." It kicked off the week's worth of events on Monday with a presentation on global health successes.

"Diseases transcend boundaries, so these are important issues that we look at from multiple perspectives, and how to address them from getting ideas from other countries of what worked, what didn't work, whether it's from the U.S. or elsewhere," said Assistant Professor Alicia Wodika.

Students not only learned about health successes from other countries, but what it means to be a global citizen.

"If it's all the way on the other side of the world, it's not really in our face, it's not affecting us, but if you're a global citizen, you're doing what you can and making sure you are advocating for these people even though they may not have the same nationality as you," said Truman student Mackenzie Maher.
"It shows me a little bit about misconceptions we have here in the United States about these types of programs from other countries," said Truman student Angela Sas.

Both students said they are hoping to serve in the Peace Corps next year.

"This week really showcases what Truman is. It's an accepting bubble in often times a crazy, crazy world," said Truman student Maha Mohamed.
"What everybody is doing here is not just scraping the surface, but looking more so into what other countries have to offer," Mohamed said.

Truman's "International Education Week" has several activities planned, including an international flag dedication.

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