Golf course on new course for construction

Construction at the Kirksville Country Club Golf Course (KTVO)

A local golf course in the process of getting up to par.

The Kirksville Country Club golf course is just a few weeks in to a major renovation.

“It’s great, we’ve been anticipating this project for over a year now so just the planning stages and putting things together to finally seeing dirt being moved and sand traps being put in and trees coming down, it’s exciting,” said Board of Directors President Kevin White.

The 320-member club hired a golf course architect, from Kansas City, to re-design the playing field.

A big project for the course which was first built as a nine-hole course in 1911.

The additional nine-holes were added in 1985.

“Our number one complaint as a member of the country club has been the consistency of the sand traps, so that’s going to be taken care of by re-doing all of them here on the course,” White said.

The price tag for the project: $175,000, which White says is very much worth it.

“It’s about time that we use some of our money that we have built up over the years to improve something that the club has desperately needed, and the golf course is our biggest asset out here, we do have a pool and a nice lounge area, but the golf course is what drives our membership so keeping that in top shape is a priority for our board of directors and staff here at the country club,” White explained.

White told KTVO the improvements are expected to bring more golfers to the course.

“We’re hoping it takes us to the next level as far as golf courses are concerned, we hope that by doing this we can host more Missouri State High School Activities Association tournaments, some Missouri Golf Association Tournaments, try to bring in some more of those events, and bring in some of the people outside the northeast Missouri area to our course, kind of showcase it in conjunction with the convention and visitors folks, highlighting that we’ve got some golf packages up here, that we’re pretty proud of this place,” White said.

The course is expected to be ready in the spring

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