Great grandson takes war vet on tractor during Blakesburg parade

Blakesburg residents gathered to watch the annual corn carnival parade Saturday morning./KTVO.

Heartland residents are reuniting for the annual Corn Carnival. This is the 113th year the carnival has taken place in Blakesburg, Iowa.

Saturday morning, the town kicked-off the day’s festivities with a parade.

Vaughn Faber is a war vet and one of the folks highlighted in this year’s parade. Him and his great grandson rode together on a yellow tractor.

Many years ago, Faber used to take his great grandson out for a ride on that very tractor. This year, he says he’s excited to have the favor returned.

“I’m sitting on his lap today, yes. I’m going to ride on his lap. He rode 10 miles on there and we’d almost probably got eight miles, I felt some kernels hit my knee, he’d shell a few kernels off,” said Faber.

Faber says his great grandson recently restored the tractor and won an award for it at the state fair.

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