Green Theater turning into community center

Green Theater turning into community center (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The Green Theater is a building found in the town of La Plata. It's filled with over 80 years of history.

“They remember going to the show there. Maybe their first date or their first kiss," said Vice President of Friends of La Plata Preservation Cindy Moore.

The building closed as a theater in 1985, but Friends of La Plata Preservation is working to restore the structure.

Some of the funds from the annual Winter Flea Market are going towards updating the space.

“Last year’s money went towards electricity in the Green Theater. Now, we’re moving onto plumbing. There are two bathrooms in the theater. We need to get those up and running” said Moore.

After the building was closed as a theater, it was used as a church.

Moore says the space has also been used for community events.

She hopes in the next several years it will be turned into a community center.

“It’s just so expensive to be a theater so we have kind of pushed that aside. We have leveled out the floors so it doesn’t have the slant anymore.”

The La Plata Preservation also hopes to display museum items in the building.

Restoring the building will take a lot of work, but Moore says progress already made could not have been done without the help of those in the community.

“We couldn’t do it if they didn’t want to bring their stuff and show it and pay for their booth, that’s how we make the money is from the cooking and the booth rentals.”

Fore more information visit Friends for La Plata Preservation Facebook Page.

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