Gubernatorial candidate visits the Heartland

Gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence

The official filing date to run for Missouri Governor isnâ??t until the end of February, but one man is hoping to get his name out there before then.

Republican Candidate Dave Spence did a meet-and-greet Thursday afternoon at Sweet Espressions Coffee House in Kirksville.

Spence was born and raised in Missouri. He graduated from Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood and attended University of Missouri-Columbia where he earned a degree in Economics.

At the age of 26, Spence took out a loan and bought Alpha packaging. Alpha is a Missouri-based plastics manufacturing company that he built from the ground up.

After 27 years, he decided to sell his company and run for governor, and although he doesnâ??t have a background in politics, Spence says he seeâ??s that as an advantage for him.

â??Well I think not being in politics is a positive for me because look where career politicians have taken us right now,â?? said Spence. â??I think itâ??s time we stepped in with someone with a business background and you run it like a business. We have a multi-million dollar budget, it is not a small chore to run a state, and weâ??ve got people whoâ??ve never been in the real world running our state and this is where we find ourselves.â??

So why did he decide to run for office now?

â??Time is of the essence. We canâ??t afford to lose another four years of losing jobs and being in a budget crisis, and there is never a good time, but for me now is the time,â?? said Spence. â??Itâ??s a good point in my life and I feel the urgency to do something, and I canâ??t sleep at night knowing that I can make a difference and rally the troops and get the state turned around if I had the opportunity and said no.â??

During his appearance in Kirksville, Spence took the time to talk about the goals he would like to tackle if elected governor of Missouri.

â??I think creating a climate for business growth is the main priority because even though we are in a budget crisis, the best way to solve that is to get more people working, and there is no easy way to fix that,â?? Spence said. â??We got to create an environment where businesses want to relocate here and the businesses that are here want to expand.â??

Spence also touched base on his stance on taxes and what needs to be done to get Missouriâ??s budget back on track.

â??Iâ??m an optimist and Iâ??m convinced we can get the budget back to even, but weâ??ve got to get more people back to work and thatâ??s the easiest way,â?? said Spence. â??We donâ??t necessarily need new taxes, we need more tax payers. We have enough people on the wagon, but not enough people pulling the wagon. Thatâ??s really the easiest solution and thatâ??s called just two words: hard work. Weâ??ve got to create opportunities for businesses to expand and give people confidence that the state has their back, and theyâ??re making sensible decisions so businesses can expand.â??

Spence also believes itâ??s just time to bring someone new to represent the Show Me State.

â??Well one thing I would do is bring a fresh approach to everything,â?? said Spence. â??I am willing to jump in there and work my tail off, and I think it can be done.

To learn more about Dave Spence and his campaign click here.

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