Hay mowing accident cuts off La Plata toddler's foot

First responders said surgeons are trying to save the boy's other foot, which was badly damaged by the sickle mower. (MGN Online)

NEW INFORMATION: A passerby who stopped to help at the scene of Monday afternoon's accident told KTVO that Levi Borntrager was not riding with his dad as they cut hay with a sickle mower.

Kellie Asher Wehner told KTVO that the little boy was in the hayfield, and his father was not aware that he was there.

She said before the dad could notice him, Levi ran in front of the mower where he was injured.

A La Plata area toddler lost a foot in a hay mowing accident, and he may lose the other one.

The tragic accident happened around 3:30 p.m. Monday at a residence on Hilton Avenue, five miles southwest of La Plata.

A spokesman for La Plata Fire and Rescue told KTVO that Levi Borntrager, 2, of La Plata, was riding with his dad behind a team of horses as they cut hay with a sickle mower.

The toddler then fell from a platform and landed in front of the mower where it severed his right foot and cut his left one to the bone.

Authorities said Borntrager was flown from the scene to University Hospital in Columbia where surgeons were going to try and save the boy's left foot.

The hospital was unable to provide us with a condition report on the toddler.

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