Head start promotes healthy eating

Students finish eating lunch at the Kirksville Head Start. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Kirksville Head Start is teaching healthy eating habits to its students and parents.

The half-day program provides a lunch for the students with fruits, vegetables, starches and meats for a complete diet.

The program works with parents to ensure they are continuing healthy eating outside of the classroom.

"If a child doesn't like something, then the parent is more apt to make something else for them, and we're trying to encourage the parent that they don't have to make something else. They can provide a different way of cooking," said teacher Shelia Sullivan.

The children eat together in a 'family style' setting.

Lead teacher Rebecca Bennett said this promotes socialization and increased motor skills.

Teacher's Aide Alisha Johnson said she has seen the improvements in children's food selection since she was a child.

"Whenever I was in pre-school we had pizza and fried food," Johnson said. "They eat a lot better than I ever did."

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