Healthy food options for football Sunday

North Hy-Vee of Ottumwa/ KTVO

There is a big football game coming up this Sunday.

Becky Graeve, Registered Dietitian at the North Hy-Vee of Ottumwa, gave KTVO some insight on balancing a nutritious meal during the football game.

Graeve said that using an air fryer to cook your meals will cut back on grease, and shrimp cocktail is always a healthy choice to snack on.

Graeve insisted that using a healthy dip instead of a heavy sour cream is always a good replacement option. If you plan to watch the big football game at someone else’s house, then Graeve gave KTVO some insight when it comes to eating a healthy meal.

“Well I think portion size is key with about any situation. So really when trying to make a plate, make half of that plate healthy options, and let the other half of the plate be the more calorie sized options and then trying to avoid constant grazing," said Graeve.

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