Heartland record store is the second oldest record store in the world

Rinehart Music and Video is located on 112-114 S. Franklin St.

Rinehart Music and Video is the oldest record store on the western hemisphere.

The family owned business has been selling entertainment media since 1897.

The store has over thousands of movies, video game systems, comics and pop culture collectibles.

Rinehart's was recognized in 2016 by the Missouri State Legislature for its contributions to the funding of both colleges in Kirksville and providing telephone and electric services to the city.

Owner Dr. Karl Hildebrand talks about bringing quality entertainment to the Heartland.

"We're able to bring a lot of things that you could only find in a metropolitan area because of the type of business that we are and so there are things that we try and bring in that wouldn't otherwise be available in the Kirksville area. We try and maintain a high level of quality and a realistically affordable price range so that it's available to everyone in our community," said Hildebrand.

Rinehart Music and Video is open Monday thru Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The store is located at 112-114 S. Franklin Street in Kirksville.

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