Heartland car goes up in flames after hitting deer

Deer crash.png

Most Heartland residents know that deer can seriously damage a car, but they rarely start them on fire.

That is just what happened Friday morning around 3:30 south of Burlington, Iowa.

Des Moines County deputies and Burlington Fire and Rescue were sent to the 7000 block of HWY 61 for a car on fire.

Upon arrival, deputies observed that the engine block of the car was fully engulfed, but the only occupant was safely away from the vehicle.

The driver advised deputies she had struck a deer which caused the vehicle to smoke. She said within moments, the car caught on fire.

No injuries were suffered by any parties and the vehicle was a total loss.

The southbound lane of HWY 61 was closed at Hunt Road. for about an hour.

Des Moines County was also assisted by the Burlington Police Department. No citations were issued.

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