Heartland children fundraising to help people in need

For the fundraiser, the children donate money for the cause. (KTVO)

Young minds and a growing heart: children of the Bridge Kids from the Bridge Church in Ottumwa, are learning life qualities that will help them become better members of society.

"Every week we have Bridge Kids and this month we are talking about how to make a difference—how you can make a difference in your community and how you can make a difference in the world around you. We are teaching the kids to go big and to go home," said Bridge Kids Director Ben Malloy.

To go big, the kids are learning how to work together with the mission team. By working together on a fundraiser they will double their achievements.

"If they can bring in $1,000 then the Bridge Church will partner with them and make it $2,000. So, anything up to $1,000 we’ll double as a church," Malloy said.

The money will go to the homes of people in need across the southern border.

"Every year we build a house or two down in Mexico, in Baja Mexico to give families who don’t have a home a home," Malloy added.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of money, the homes are given out empty.

"Right now, when they have the house they have to prepare food in buckets, in bowls, do their dishes on the floor—we want to bless them with a kitchen. We think that would make a huge difference in their lives," Malloy explained.

But helping others also comes with a personal reward.

"We’re also learning that people are getting something out of this. People are feeling good about what they’re doing," said Miles Hedgecock, member of the Bridge Kids.

And so far, the kids love what they’re learning.

"It’s a great way to teach other kids to just think more about themselves and think more about other people," Hedgecock added.

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