Heartland city begins its historic building demolition

The Deconstruction of a historical building in Edina, MO began Tuesday (Stephen Sealey/ KTVO).

Get a good look while you still can because a historic Heartland building is coming down.

Demolition of the Old Stagecoach Building in Edina started Tuesday afternoon.

The historic building is located at the intersection of South Main and Lafayette streets on the southwest corner of the town square.

City officials have said the structure is unstable.

Edina Chief of Police Kelly Hayes told the Edina Sentinel that they have been keeping an eye on the building for weeks.

Hayes said, "it moved quite a bit" and "had only gotten worse".

The owners of the building wanted to sell it to the city, but the city did not want to be responsible for the crumbling brick building.

Hayes says the city would like to preserve its historic structures, but in this instance, they "have to protect the existing businesses on the block."

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