Heartland celebrates Martin Luther King jr.

Heartland celebrates Martin Luther King jr. (Photo: MGN Online)

Take Root Cafe in Kirksville was filled with college students, community members, and residents across the Heartland on Saturday.

They were all attending the Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Celebration.

"Martin Luther King is historic," said organizer Ray Stewart.

“Dr. King paved the way for better opportunity and education," said organizer Alyssa Tipler.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, an event was put on Saturday to recognize the leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

“It’s important to remember his teachings and what he stood for especially in the political climate that we’re in today," said Stewart.

The event featured musical performances, a silent auction, yoga, and arts and crafts.

Those involved say the event is about recognizing peoples differences, but also about coming together.

“The event is an awesome opportunity to really unify and come together and celebrate somebody who was all about unity and all about coming together," said Stewart.

“It’s about diversity and everyone needs to know about diversity. And diversity is very important to the society we live in now because everybody is different and it’s important to learn about that," said organizer Joy Johnson.

Organizers encouraged everyone to come with an open mind and have fun.

Association of Black Collegians President Ray Stewart says growth in our society starts with events just like this.

“I would hope people walk away from this event knowing that there are still issues going on today, but there’s also still hope and there’s also still room for unity. There’s also still from for growth. We’ve come a long way, but we can go further," said Stewart.

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