Heartland hospital shows off new mammography equipment

Putnam County Memorial Hospital offers new mammography screenings. (KTVO)

A major grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health helped buy new mammography equipment for a Heartland hospital. The $354,000 grant means Putnam County Memorial Hospital in Unionville can better cater to women's healthcare needs.

The hospital has created a new breast health program. It will aid in the early detection of breast cancer by increasing screening rates, and educating women about the importance of mammograms.

An open house was held Friday afternoon to show off the hospital's new equipment. Hospital CEO Cindy Cummings told KTVO that having state-of-the-art equipment is necessary for providing the screenings.

She says offering the services in a small town is beneficial, because women may put off the screenings if they have to travel to larger cities.

"Often, if it's not bothering us right now, we don't seek healthcare," Cummings said. "Getting a mammogram is something someone says they will do next month, and then that month goes by, and then suddenly a year goes by. Having the services here is really important."

Proceeds from Unionville Rotary Club fundraisers also helped pay for the new mammography equipment.

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