Heartland man may be changing plea in federal drug case

KTVO Timothy Charles McClain Wayne Co Sheriffs Office.jpg

A Heartland man facing federal drug dealing charges may be preparing to enter a guilty plea.

Timothy McClain, 58, had previously pleaded not guilty to four counts related to drug trafficking.

But the federal online court docket says that a change of plea hearing has now been scheduled for July 10.

McClain was arrested in February after law enforcement uncovered nearly $220,000 and 200 grams of meth in his Promise City home.

It would make sense that McClain is considering a plea deal.

Because he has previous drug convictions, prosecutors had asked the court for sentence enhancements if he were convicted.

That opened up McClain to the possibility he would face a life sentence if convicted.

Court records show that if a deal isn't in the works, McClain still has an August 20 trial date.

The docket doesn't indicate what the terms of deal for McClain might look like.

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