Heartland man pleads guilty to federal drug charges


A Promise City, Iowa, man will spend at least ten years in jail on federal drug charges.

On Tuesday, Timothy McClain pleaded guilty to one Count of Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance.

A charged of Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance was dismissed as part of the deal

In mid-February, Timothy Charles McClain, 58, was arrested at his home as part of a federal drug investigation.

According to online court records, a search warrant of McClain's Promise City home yielded $225,000 in cash and nearly 200 grams of meth.

In his plea deal, McClain acknowledges he was part of a multi-state drug ring. He admitted that in early 2017 he had come into possession of nearly four pounds of meth.

His sentencing is set for late November.

The plea deal only lays out potential sentencing guidelines, the minimum sentence would be decade, the maximum would be life.

Prior to the deal being struck, prosecutors had indicated they would be seeking an enhanced sentence for McClain based on his history of drug dealing.

McClain has been in custody since his arrest.

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